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Inbound Sales: 1-800-223-1244, ext. 4

Toll-free: 1-800-223-1244
Sue Flewelling, Sales Manager, ext. 7512
Deborah Bradstreet, Sales Administration Specialist, ext. 7520
Sabine McAlpine, Key Account Manager, ext. 7533

Representatives by [State | [Province]

State Sales Representative
AL Donna White x 7540
AK Shannon Roy x 7528
AZ Donna White x 7540
AR Anthony Thompkins x 7539
CA Anthony Tompkins x 7539
CO Mike Malley x 7529
CT Sherry Cookson x 7521
DE Mike Malley x 7529
FL Sherry Cookson x 7521
GA Peg Sheehan x 7537
HI Donna White x 7540
ID Shannon Roy x 7528
IL Vicki Gordon x 7530
IN Jennifer Fleck x 7525
IA Mike Malley x 7529
KS Jennifer Fleck x 7525
KY Kim Cormier x 7522
LA Sherry Cookson x 7521
ME Vicki Gordon x 7530
MD Peg Sheehan x 7537
MA Judy Gagnon x 7526
MI Kim Cormier x 7522
MN Kim Cormier x 7522
MS Vicki Gordon x 7530
MO Mike Malley x 7529
MT Jennifer Fleck x 7525
NE Anthony Tompkins x 7539
NV Vicki Gordon x 7530
NH Jennifer Fleck x 7525
NJ Anthony Tompkins x 7539
NM Sherry Cookson x 7521
NY Shannon Roy x 7528
NC Jennifer Fleck x 7525
ND Shannon Roy x 7528
OH Judy Gagnon x 7526
OK Donna White x 7540
OR Kim Cormier x 7522
PA Donna White x 7540
RI Anthony Tompkins x 7539
SC Shannon Roy x 7528
SD Jennifer Fleck x 7525
TN Judy Gagnon x 7526
TX Peg Sheehan x 7537
UT Mike Malley x 7529
VT Kim Cormier x 7522
VA Peg Sheehan x 7537
WA Mike Malley x 7529
DC Kim Cormier x 7522
WV Donna White x 7540
WI Sherry Cookson x 7521
WY Judy Gagnon x 7526
US Embassies Mike Malley x 7529

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Mississauga, Ontario
L4X 2E2 Canada
Tel: 800-997-7099
Fax: 800-826-7702

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